Joyent Triton

Elastic Container-Native Infrastructure

Joyent Triton™ is designed from the ground up to radically simplify container deployments in production, at scale, while delivering enterprise-grade security, software-defined networking, and bare-metal performance. Deploy Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure in your datacenter or leverage the Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure Service in the Joyent Public Cloud.

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Hosted or On-premises

Triton makes deploying and operating containerized applications simple.







Bare Metal Performance

Fully leveraging OS virtualization, Triton eliminates the need for virtual machine hosts and delivers bare-metal performance to containers.

Simplified Host Management

Triton transforms an entire data center into a single, elastic container host, making it easy for developers and operators to deploy and scale containerized applications.

Production-Grade Security

Triton delivers battle-tested security isolation to containers, enabling worry-free, multi-tenant deployments and cloud-scale economics.

Software-Defined Networking

Triton treats containers as first class citizens on the network, making network management easy. Each container has its own unique IP address.

Full Stack Introspection

Triton provides an exclusive suite of real-time introspection and post-mortem debugging tools that provide visibility into each container

Dynamic Utilization

No more over-provisioning VM hosts. Triton enables resource management at the container level, including the ability to resize containers with no down time.

The Best Place to Run Docker

While other Docker run-time environments require complex VM host cluster management and provide only limited networking and security capabilities, Triton transforms an entire data center into an easy to manage, elastic Docker host, while delivering enterprise grade networking and security to each Docker container.

Best of Both Worlds

Triton container-native infrastructure simplifies operations while delivering bare-metal performance at cloud scale (in an elastic multi-tenant environment).