CratePlayer is a media curation platform that lets people and organizations compile audio and video content from multiple online sources into simple, shareable, playable collections called “crates” (like crates of records). With CratePlayer you can collect and play your favorite music and media, collaborate with friends, and share your crates with the world.

The Internet is chock full of audio and video content, but it’s largely fragmented. There’s YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and many other sites that let you listen to and watch everything from educational content like TED talks to the stuff that really gets you through the work week -- cat videos. But there’s never been a central place that lets you collect content from these different sources in a meaningful way -- until now.

CratePlayer is an exciting new media curation platform built in the heart of San Francisco. With a high-tech yet handcrafted approach, CratePlayer is the ultimate discovery tool for individuals as well as businesses. It lets any person or organization collect media content into “crates” (like crates of records), which can then be shared with anyone around the world. It also has a unique, built-in player that streams collected media continuously -- a multimedia modern day mixtape, if you will.

"Joyent has Node experts and unique debugging and performance tools, and their customer service was above and beyond." - Chris Fricke, co-founder and systems architect

CratePlayer just recently launched into public beta. A week before the launch, the team knew they had to make a big decision when it came to a cloud provider they could trust to power their business. So, they switched to Joyent.

“We were having some issues on our prior configuration -- we kept running out of memory. It caused us to re-evaluate our architecture, because we were concerned about the site running smoothly,” said CratePlayer co-founder and systems architect Chris Fricke.

After migrating to Joyent and a successful launch into public beta, CratePlayer was able to handle more traffic and didn’t have any issues with downtime. Knowing that if one of their load balancers went down it wouldn’t take down their whole application was a “huge deal” for the CratePlayer team. Also, one of Joyent’s big selling points was the fact that it’s the best place to run production Node.js applications.

“Joyent has Node experts and unique debugging and performance tools, and their customer service was above and beyond the communication that we got from other cloud providers,” said Chris. “We sat down with Joyent engineers; they went over our technology deck and gave us advice on what to do at every level. It was incredibly useful -- they have some tools that you just can’t get anywhere else.”

Ultimately, powered by Joyent, the CratePlayer team “felt more comfortable” during their public beta launch.

“I definitely recommend using Joyent, especially if you’re using Node -- other cloud providers just aren’t really set up for that,” said Jaime Morales, Senior Software Architect at CratePlayer. “Also, their customer service and communication was just awesome.”

For a relatively new product, CratePlayer is doing extremely well -- we’re really excited to watch them grow. In the meantime, we’ll be browsing some of their trending crates (which you should definitely check out, especially if you’re an Arrested Development fan), or setting up a CollaboCrate for our office to share our favorite cat, er, corporate videos!


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