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The Internet is coming to your car, watch, and dishwater, but can our systems handle it?

April 26th, 2013

Another company that has come up with ways to make servers much more energy efficient isJoyent. It's Chief Technology Officer, Jason Hoffman, thinks server demands are going to get so high on our digital systems -- given all the computer chips going into computers, tablets, cars, household appliances and more -- that some grand new leap in innovation is going to have to take place. Read More ›

Opscode cooks up deals to serve Chef automation from IBM, Joyent clouds

April 25th, 2013

Jason Hoffman, CTO at Joyent, tells El Reg that Chef was a key component of the Hadoop service that the company spun up on its cloud with the help of Hortonworks back in late January, and it is natural to extend formal support of Chef Server to all infrastructure services on the Joyent Cloud. Read More ›

Opscode gains momentum with IBM, Microsoft deals

April 25th, 2013

Opscode, the name behind the Chef tools that many developers use to automate the configuration and deployment of IT, has got more than a toehold in the cloud landscape. Earlier this week Joyent, another cloud provider, said it was integrating Chef into the Joyent cloud. Read More ›

Joyent Brings Opscode Chef to Joyent Cloud

April 24th, 2013

New Offering Makes It Easy to Automate Deployment and Provisioning of Scale-Out Cloud Projects SAN FRANCISCO, CA - (April 24, 2013) - Joyent, the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, and Opscode today announced that Opscode Chef™ infrastructure automation software is now fully supported and available on the Joyent® Cloud. Joyent customers can now easily implement Hadoop and other large deployments using re-usable configuration templates -- known as cookbooks and recipes -- for au… Read More ›

Joyent says Chef support will make cloud workloads mobile

April 24th, 2013

In Opscode parlance, Chef configurations are deployed and managed via a “cookbook.” Joyent’s support of Chef means it will be easier, going forward, for customer to move cloud deployments to and from any cloud, said Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman in a recent interview. Read More ›


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