Benchmarking Joyent Pricing

September 08, 2009 - by jason

Joyent beats the competition in price and performance! To demonstrate we have continued on with the previously completed benchmarking work (as described in 2 previous posts by both (Rod and Jason) and benchmarked a few more parameters to create a price comparison. Again, the results speak for themselves.


The first thing measured was processor and memory performance power using Geekbench. [caption id="attachment_490" align="alignleft" width="517" caption="Joyent is 5x faster than AWS EC2"]Joyent is 5x faster than AWS EC2[/caption] The tests compared Geekbench performance of Joyent's 1GB Accelerator to the following three different types of virtual servers on Amaon's EC2:

  • EC2 Fedora "m1.small": 1.7GB of RAM, 1 Core
  • EC2 Fedora "m1.large": 64bit, 7.8GB of RAM, 2 Cores
  • EC2 Fedora "c1.xlarge": 64bit, 7GB of RAM, 8 Cores

The results show that at all levels of comparison, from EC2's comparable offering through to their much larger instances, the Joyent Accelerator is 3.5X to 5.2X faster. and therefore has a much better ROI. You can judge the ROI by dividing the cost of running each instance for a month by the number of Geekbench2 points achieved to get Cost per Month per GeekBench2 point.   Judged on this cost vs performance basis, the cheapest Amazon EC2 virtual server is 5X more expensive than Joyent's 1GB Accelerator.   The following graph illustrates the cost/performance comparison: [caption id="attachment_495" align="alignleft" width="517" caption="Joyent is 5x less expensive than AWS EC2"]Joyent is 5x less expensive than AWS EC2[/caption]


Then we benchmarked MySQL again: [caption id="attachment_499" align="alignleft" width="517" caption="MySQL 3x faster and half the price on Joyent vs AWS EC2"]MySQL 3x faster and half the price on Joyent vs AWS EC2[/caption] The results this time showed that at less than 50% of the Amazon AWS EC2 cost MySQL ran 3x faster on Joyent's 1 GB Virtual Appliance for MySQL!

Using WordPress as a "Real World" application

Finally we decided to benchmark a simple WordPress implementation. WordPress can be optimized with plugins such as WP SuperCache to reach thousands of page views per second on Joyent. Adding APC for Apache and putting a Zeus Accelerator in front of your web server to load balance and traffic manage will deliver even higher performance. In this test, we deliberately did not add any of these optimizations. Instead, we configured WordPress so that every page view was dynamically generated with a call to MySQL. [caption id="attachment_504" align="alignleft" width="517" caption="WordPress is 20x Faster on Joyent than on Amazon AWS EC2"]WordPress is 20x Faster on Joyent than on Amazon AWS EC2[/caption] The WordPress results were the most conclusive of all. At half the price of AWS EC2 Joyent smashed the m1.large AMI by 20x. Benchmarking is never 100% perfect. Benchmarks can only be used as a rough indication of how a specific application will perform. Best way for you to do a comparison is for you to benchmark using your own application. That said, these results combined with our earlier benchmarking results give us tremendous confidence when we make the claim that Joyent Pricing is less expensive than EC2. If there are other tests you would like to see, please let us know.


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