Circonus: Copper Plan Free for 90 Days to Joyent Cloud Clients and the Rise of DevOps

December 08, 2011 - by alexsalkever

We've known Theo Schlosnsnagle (@postwait)for a quite a while and we respect him greatly. Which is one of the reasons why we have supported a partnership with Circonus, the company that he founded and runs. But also we have a shared vision that some people call DevOps. That is, the line between software development and operations is blurring and so are the tools used to accomplish both tasks. (In fact, our Director of Systems Engineering, Ben Rockwood, just gave a talk about this as the keynote at the Usenix LISA 2011 conference in Boston this week and he's an interview with him from the Usenix blog on this topic). The point being, for organizations to run applications that have the highest performance and reliability, its critically important that developers understand the implication of what they do in operational terms, and operations teams communicate what they are seeing with dev teams to help them build better software products. This contributes to a positive feedback loop of continual iteration and improvement. Ergo, DevOps.


And this is where Circonus comes in as a Joyent partner. Circonus provides organization-wide unified monitoring across a wide variety of critical parameters spanning an organization's entire infrastructure constellation. In a nutshell, they make it much easier for ops teams to spot problems and monitor performance (They also work in partnership with another key Joyent Cloud partner, application and server monitoring service New Relic and the two services are quite complementary).

It's all part of the growing DevOps ecosystem that we at Joyent see as a key piece of the future for cloud computing. (It also ties in with our own Cloud Analytics product for highly granular root cause analysis and application tuning- another complementary offering). So you'll be hearing a lot about this from us going forward as the concept of DevOps continues to evolve and tools around it continue to evolve with it. Circonus is currently offering a special incentive to Joyent Cloud clients -- the Circonus Copper plan free for a full 90 days. Joyent Cloud clients can take advantage of this promotion here - It's a great deal and we are always open to any feedback you may have about our partner services. Thanks for reading!


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