Contestant Winners, Free Social Apps Infrastructure, Upcoming Events

March 17, 2009 - by grassonthefield

The “Answer Questions about Jason” contest was a success and all the contest winner received a free entry-level Joyent Accelerator. Congratulations. I was proud to give away Accelerators to celebrate the launch of JSBin on Joyent.

Keeping with the free theme, we will be expanding the number of free slots we have open for developers of social networking applications (thanks to Sun and the Sun Startup Essentials partnerships). We plan to accommodate the entire waiting list for the Facebook, Bebo and Opensocial programs. We look forward to seeing many more great applications developed on Joyent.

The marketing team at Joyent has been very busy. Here’s a list of upcoming events Joyeurs will be attending:

Hope to see you out there.


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