Control Yourself

July 02, 2009 - by grassonthefield

We’re pleased to announce that Control Yourself, Inc. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), producer of Open Source Twitter alternative Laconica and host of the popular microblogging site, launched a private beta of a new microblogging hosting service, The new service will be hosted on Joyent Accelerators to provide high-availability, highly-scalable microblogging sites to enterprises and Web communities.

“We’re excited to be offering our services based on Joyent’s excellent platform,” said Evan Prodromou, CEO of Control Yourself and founder of the Laconica project. “We’ve really been impressed by Joyent’s ability to meet our specifications and requirements for, and we appreciate their help in designing the architectures and shaping this service.” Prodromou added that, the large microblogging site launched in July 2008, will be the first site moved to the new platform. is a new microblogging service that lets anyone set up their own microblogging site, based on Laconica’s functionality. Clients can make private microblogging networks for use by a company or community, or public ones that interface with Twitter, Facebook, and other Laconica-based sites. Control Yourself is accepting applications from enterprises, marketing and publishing organizations, and Web communities to participate in their beta program for the platform they call “status-as-a-service.”

In my opinion, micro-blogging is a resource-intensive site category with very little tolerance for downtime or poor performance. Working with Control Yourself, we have designed a persistent, powerful architecture on the Joyent Cloud that can support microblogging’s high demands. We’re confident that our infrastructure will help Control Yourself satisfy customers.

Welcome to the loving cloud.


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