Discount passes to Under The Radar: "Why Office 2.0 Matters"

March 21, 2007 - by jason

Jason and I are headed to Mountain View on Friday, March 23rd, to represent Joyent as members of the Graduate Circle for the “Why Office 2.0 Matters” conference held by the folks over at DealMaker Media (AKA: Under The Radar).

Mr. Hoffman will have the stage for a little bit to tout our upcoming Slingshot product, and I will make sure to hog tie him down to a table if anyone is interested in coming by for a quick demo to see what all the fuss is about (product releases in late April – more news coming tomorrow/Thursday).

There are discount passes available to Joyeurs (sign up as a Blogger) that offers $70 off the non-member advance registration, or $170 off the walk-in price. Click here for the discount.

We will be podcasting and shooting video as well, so we hope to have a couple of nuggets to share with everyone here shortly.


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