DTrace Training with Brendan Gregg

August 13, 2012 - by joyentlindsay

This post originally appeared on Brendan's Blog at DTrace.org 

I’ve been developing a 2 day DTrace training course, which I’ll deliver in San Francisco on September 6th this year. The course materials include a copy of the DTrace book, written by myself and Jim Mauro.

This course focuses on how to use DTrace: In particular, how to analyze performance issues and troubleshoot mysterious errors. It includes techniques and methodologies for approaching real-world issues, including workload characterization and latency analysis. The hardest part when learning DTrace isn’t the syntax (which is awk-like, and covered in the DTrace guide), but knowing what to do with it, which is the focus of this class.

This course is suitable for a variety of backgrounds and environments, including sysadmins, support staff and developers, and those working in SmartOS or other operating systems with DTrace. Each student will have access to a SmartMachine (similar to a Solaris Zone) with DTrace for performing the labs and exercises during class.

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