Enterprise Cloud Computing Seminar

November 05, 2008 - by g2-3bddff6939b593f6a7b21d3a53f8683e

Join us on evening of Nov. 17th for a free Enterprise Cloud Computing Seminar .

The seminar will include participation and presentations for SolutionSet, Aptana , and a series of other companies who have had experience deploying on the cloud.

We are going to address the practical questions of enterprise CTOs and CIOs

CTOs and CIOs realize the potential benefits of Cloud Computing, but they also have reasonable questions about the following:

  • How to achieve enterprise class security on the Cloud?
  • What are the operational issues and best practices associated with running applications on the Cloud?
  • How do you scale an application on the Cloud?
  • What are the appropriate enterprise use cases for Cloud Computing?
  • How do you build and deploy a highly available application on the Cloud?
  • What do Cloud SLAs mean to enterprise users?
  • What are the total costs of running an application on the Cloud?

The event will begin at 5:30pm and go until 8:00pm, with an opportunity to socialize and network from 8:00pm until 9:00pm.

We are holding the event at Sun’s Menlo Park campus

15 Network Circle Building 15

Menlo Park, CA 94025

You can register at http://enterprisecloudcomputing.eventbrite.com/


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