Events: Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman Speaking at MongoDB Los Angeles

January 13, 2012 - by alexsalkever

A quick note about MongoDB Los Angeles, a conference put on in LA by our partners at 10gen (the initiator, contributor and continual sponsor of  the non-relational open source database MongoDB) on January 19th. Our esteemed CTO, Jason Hoffman, is going to be presenting a talk "N2M: Node.js and MongoDB as the modern stack for the real-time web." Here's a quick synopsis:

The combination of node.js and mongodb has emerged as the framework of choice for people building real-time applications, and is on the path to becoming the replacement for the common LAMP stack. This talk will suggest some reasons why and discuss some of the observed patterns in these types of applications.

Joyent Cloud General Manager Steve Tuck will be down there manning the booth and can answer any technology questions you might have. The MongoDB Los Angeles event has proven so popular that 10gen had to lift the previous attendance limit to add capacity.

We work closely with 10gen to deliver MongoDB functionality to Joyent Cloud users -- most recently on the SmartOS SmartMachine Appliance for MongoDB that we unveiled last month at the MongoDB Silicon Valley conference. What we heard at that show - and look forward to talking about more in Los Angeles -- is that companies are testing out and deploying a Node.js plus MongoDB application stack for highly dynamic applications that need to run fast.

And that's partly what Jason will be talking about. If you want to sign up for the show, you can get a 25% discount off list price by using "Joyent_MongoLA" as the the discount code. Have questions about running a MongoDB app on the Joyent Cloud? Come see us in Los Angeles!


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