Executive Speaker Series: Bryan Cantrill and Brendan Gregg on Cloud Analytics

January 24, 2011 - by jacksonwest

Last week, we hosted the second installment of our ongoing executive speaker series here at the office in San Francisco. Titled "Solving Big Problems with Real-time Visibility into Cloud Performance," Joyent Cloud's General Manager Steve Tuck introduced Bryan Cantrill, our Vice President of Engineering, and Lead Performance Engineer Brendan Gregg who spent over an hour discussing how they use tools like DTrace to pinpoint and solve vexing performance problems in systems. Bryan and Brendan showed off the latest visualization tools, gave some real-world examples of monitoring large production systems, offered a road map for what Joyent customers can expect as we make these tools available, and answered some questions from the audience in the room and watching remotely via the live stream.

We have more of these events planned, so keep an eye here on Joyeur or on Twitter for details on the next installment.


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