Facebook Haggadah on Joyent

March 31, 2009 - by grassonthefield

We’re pleased that the Facebook Haggadah is running on a free Joyent Accelerator as part of our program for social network developers. The Haggadah is the telling of the events of Passover and the liberation of the Israelites from Egypt as described in the book of Exodus of the Torah. The Haggadah itself is a religious text to be used during the Seder supper to fulfill the scriptural commandment “to tell your son” about Jewish liberation.

I don’t know if the Facebook Haggadah fulfills the scriptural commandment. Those that work with me at Joyent might be able to guess my response, but I won’t hazard an opinion on this blog.

Nevertheless, happy Passover to all. Follow the Facebook Haggadah.


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