How a Major Mobile PaaS Builds a Platform in the Cloud

November 04, 2011 - by alexsalkever

“We looked in a terminal window and literally saw how much faster Joyent Cloud’s performance was than Amazon’s EC2. Our customers need that.” said StackMob CEO and Co-founder Ty Amell.

StackMob offers a comprehensive suite of services, from custom API creation to messaging, analytics, and integration with social media. The company also helps clients make the shift from sandbox to production environments and monetize their apps. Because it solves complex problems for its customers, StackMob needs best-of-class cloud services to serve as the compute infrastructure for its mobile platform, and it leverages expert advice on technical infrastructure to meet its

customers’ performance standards.

Extreme Scalability. When you’re supporting successful clients, you need to be able to scale from Day One. A Top 20 iPhone app like Pet Clinic can bring three million API calls a day. To support that, StackMob searched for a cloud provider with a network and server architecture that could support massive amounts of traffic without a glitch.

Highly Performant Applications. Mobile application users expect their apps to respond rapidly. StackMob needed a cloud infrastructure that offered the fastest response times. Costs. Building its own cloud infrastructure was cost-prohibitive for StackMob. The startup was concerned that leasing its own servers would put it into venture debt and that managing its own infrastructure would divert resources from the critical work of prototyping its own application.

The Solution with Joyent

StackMob knew it needed a premium level of service for mobile app developers. Since the company was founded in January 2010, it had received seed and Series A funding from its investors. Now, it just needed to make the best use of its capital to find the right technology partner who was knowledgeable, responsive, and proactive. And it needed best-in-class cloud services that would scale from Day One. Joyent Cloud offered StackMob all that, and more.

A Scalable Architecture. StackMob did a lot of evaluation and benchmarking before deciding on a cloud provider. The company needed both horizontal and vertical scale to support applications like Pet Clinic that could get 3 million API calls a day. “We use a lot of 1GB boxes on Joyent Cloud so we can burst, and our API servers can scale horizontally very easily,” said StackMob CEO and Co-founder Ty Amell.

Better Performance. StackMob tried a number of cloud service providers before settling on Joyent Cloud. “As an engineer, I love the technology behind Joyent Cloud,” said Amell. He was impressed with Joyent Cloud’s superior performance in caching, disk I/O, and memory I/O. “We looked in a terminal window and literally saw how much faster Joyent Cloud’s performance was than Amazon’s EC2. Our customers need that.”

Visibility into the Cloud. StackMob was able use Joyent Analytics to make sure its mobile platform was running well on

Joyent Cloud’s infrastructure. “We were able to build a much more performant platform on Joyent Cloud and have better diagnostics that you don’t get when you’re on the cloud at Rackspace or EC2,” said Amell. Joyent Cloud also uses Zeus Technology load-balancers with MongoDB and MySQL servers.

Support & Consultation. Joyent Cloud offers expert advice and proactive usage monitoring, to help clients get the most from

features like automated capacity bursting. In an architectural consultation with Joyent Cloud engineers, StackMob was able to plan its growth to make the most of the Joyent cloud.


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