Joyent Free Trial for Dell Sputnik Owners

July 24, 2013 - by Rod Boothby

If you own a Dell Sputnik Laptop, you can now get immediate access to a 3-month free trial on the Joyent cloud. You can learn more from Barton George’s latest blog post. Working together, Dell and Joyent want to give you all the tools you need to get your applications deployed and tested on the cloud. The Sputnik laptop gives you the ideal environment for developing your code. Joyent complements that by giving Sputnik owners a 3-month Free trial of the Joyent Cloud valued at $65 per month for 3 months. That gives you enough to order:

Two g3-standard-0.625-kvm instances running Ubuntu for 3 months


One g3-standard-1.75-kvm instance running Ubuntu for 3 months

All Dell Sputnik customers will receive the promotional email from Dell next week. We are very excited about our growing alliance with Dell to promote the benefits cloud computing to developers worldwide.

How do I get started?

Dell Sputnik owners can use the following simple set of scripts to quickly get started:

Step 1:

 Open a terminal window press Ctrl + Alt +T

 1.1. $ wget

 1.2. $ sudo tar -C / -xvf sputnik.tar

Step 2:

 Signup for a standard free trial account on the Joyent Public Cloud.

 Open Firefox, go to

Step 3:

 Back in the terminal window, type the following command:

 3.1. $ /usr/share/applications/ 

Step 4:

 4.1. $ wget -O https://us-

 4.2. $ chmod 755

 4.3. $ ./ (enter you username and password for the jpc)

 To source your new environment variables run the following commands

 4.4. source ~/.bash_profile

Step 5:

 5.1   To Confirm that the Joyent cloud SDK is installed:   $ sdc-listdatacenters

 5.2   To confirm that the Joyent Manta SDK is installed:   $ mls /manta/public/sdks

Step 6:

Once you have received the promotional email from Dell, please fill out the online form to extend your standard Joyent free trial from 2 months to 3 months.


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