Red Ronin Inc. Launches Amazing Flying Machines

November 06, 2012 - by joyentlindsay

Red Ronin is now out of business. This post is preserved for posterity.

Amazing Flying Machine

It’s a story of two gaming executives with over 30 years of experience at Atari, EA, and who decided they wanted to build a game that was focused on the casualcore gamer, which Red Ronin describes as "that bridge between causal and core, where it's easy to learn and difficult to master, like the game of Chess."

The first Red Ronin game, released yesterday, is Amazing Flying Machines. The game starts out with the scientist Nikola Tesla, yes Tesla, inventing a golden engine that allows the user to create anything based on one’s imagination. But then (!) pirates steal the world's gold and stow it away in high altitude exotic locations. Your mission is to join a daring party of pilots, build your custom blimp, and navigate and play to save the world’s gold. Each pilot has different abilities allowing for multiple aeronautical tricks.

"Aaron and I set out to build Red Ronin to transcend all forms of media. We are building a cultural experience, an IP that will transcend multiple platforms,’ Owais Farooqui, CEO, Red Ronin. “Our motto is: Games are to us, what cartoons were to Disney."

Like all start-ups, Red Ronin needed a flexible infrastructure that would allow their dev team to quickly get their games on-line, be able to make changes in real-time, and not over-provision servers. Joyent’s unique cloud infrastructure is built to do just that and more.

"We first worked with Joyent at Atari. Joyent offers us the reliability we need in order to track different types of data directly from the game. Beyond just micro transactions, we are also tracking gameplay behaviors. We can also actually tune the game in real-time!" – Aaron Casillas, Chief Creative Officer, Red Ronin.


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