Secure Distribution - The Focus of DevCon5

November 20, 2012 - by Carl Ford

This is a guest post from Carl Ford, Co-Founder and CEO of Crossfire Media and a DevCON5 Content Producer. As CEO of Crossfire Media, Carl sets the direction for the company's myriad of community building products, including technology conferences, webinars, blogs and newsletters. Carl has over 25 years experience in Communications and Internet technologies.

It’s time to talk about Mobile Applications in ways that take us beyond the app store. We have more app stores and more enterprises looking to make the mobile web manageable for personal device users who use their device for both business as well as entertainment.

DevCON5 HTML5 and Mobile App Developer Conference focuses on how to create dynamic user experiences and new mobile business models with HTML5 and also looks at the changing role of the app store and how developers can get their app delivered and monetized.

As Jason Hoffman, CTO and Founder of Joyent, reminds us - when we get to the heart of the matter, data is just another form of commodity moving through the network. And as such issues such as security, identity and distribution are all key ingredients to the next wave of applications. In addition to Jason’s Industry Perspective on Wednesday Nov. 29th at 12:00 noon, here are some of the sessions you will want to pay attention to.

Enterprise App Distribution

The Enterprise employee probably has a smartphone that is more powerful the desktop at their desk. This session is looking at the way that Enterprises are trying to make their employees devices part of the workflow while at the same time make more security. The panelists include Cimarron Buser of Apperian, Domingo Guerra of Appthority, Adam Stein of SAP Mobile and Andy Zmolek of Enterproid.

HTML5 App Distribution: The Good, Bad and Necessary

Features’s Charles Mason talking about what is needed to make a more direct relationship between the app developer and the customer. With Apple and Google making app distribution a hands off experience, how do you bring back the customer care?

The Mozilla Apps Ecosystem

takes us to a different perspective of enabling the web to be more of the App delivery solutions. As HTML5 brings us closer to native apps, it’s logical that apps stores for HTML5 flourish. Bill Walker from Mozilla, guides us into the App Delivery.

Embedded in this discussion is always a thought about identity, which is why Mozilla’s Jed Parsons is keynoting with the title Using Mozilla Persona for Good and for Awesome. The ability to support a distributed identity model fits with a lot of developers needs and its’ great that the session is hands on.

Mobile Security Delivery Confidence

IBM’s Vijay Dheap talks to us about security issues from the perspective of the enterprise and what is needed to ensure mobile commerce and mobile security.

The last to be mentioned, maybe the most crucial, *HTML5 Security Bolding Going Where No… * This session is very appropriate as Phil Purviance, on behalf of OWASP, shows us how websocket either helps or adds to the known threats of website security concerns.

So join us at DevCon5 in South San Francisco Nov 27 – 29. Register here and use discount code JOYENT2 and save 50%.


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