Sleepy Giant Helps Clients Win in the Gaming Industry

August 03, 2012 - by joyentlindsay

Sleepy Giant runs games

You a game developer?  Have you been working and building out your genius game idea into the wee hours of the night?  Are you ready to unleash your game to the masses and let us all play until we just can't stop?  There is a new kind of game company here to help you out.  Sleepy Giant offers entrepreneurial expertise on all aspects of making a game successful.  Maybe you need to boost player acquisition.  How about merchandising and monetization?  Do you have a life-cycle plan for your players?  Want help managing infrastructure so you can focus on creative?  Sleepy Giant's dedicated teams are an extension of experts for your company.

Sleepy Giant knows how to succeed in the gaming world, and Joyent is proud to report that they've chosen our public cloud to get the edge up in the competitive gaming industry for themselves and their customers.  To succeed Sleepy Giant knew they needed a scalable and high-performance cloud, knowledgeable and reliable support, and lowest cost of infrastructure possible.  Joyent is able to offer the edge with our unique SmartOS technology, allowing rapid scaling and unique CPU bursting capabilities.  That means efficiency and a lower cost of ownership.  Plus Joyent's engineering and ops teams happily work alongside Sleepy Giant and their clients to offer improved ways of solving problems.

We wrote up a customer case study with Sleepy Giant to give you the inside look at the stack they've built out with Joyent technology and our great partners.  Then, if you're ready to quit your day job and make a living off your dream project, give a shout to Sleepy Giant.


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