Sprint Joins Mobile Panel at Node Summit

January 23, 2012 - by badnima

2012 marks a new chapter in Book of Node as hundreds of developers and business leaders come together for the first Node Summit in San Francisco on January 24th and 25th. Headlining the mobile panel, Jason Delker, Director of Product Development for Sprint, will speak about Sprint's plans for fostering the growing developer community as well as Sprint's future plans for supporting and integrating ground-breaking open technologies like Node.js into their suite of mobile development tools.

"Web and mobile apps need to embrace performance oriented yet efficient architectures, " said Jason Delker, director of Product Development, Sprint. "By reducing the overhead to support low latency, high concurrency apps -  the next generation of connected mobile applications - developers can create a richer and more engaging user experience without the burden of expensive back-end infrastructure.  Node represents an exciting opportunity for Sprint because the language is easy to learn and the architecture is ideal to serve next-generation connected mobile applications. Our collaboration with Joyent is part of our goal to integrate leading edge technologies both internally at Sprint and externally as part of our toolkit for Sprint app developers."

Given these benefits, Sprint and Joyent are collaborating over the coming months to offer Node.js developer instances on Joyent's SmartDataCenter cloud software for the Sprint Developer Community.


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