StackMob Plus Joyent Equals Love in the Mobile Clouds

July 19, 2011 - by badnima

2011 marks a major step-change in game and app development as the audience moves away from consoles and personal computers and goes mobile. Apple alone has sold a cumulative 200 million iOS devices. With over 425,000 apps in the App Store surpassing 15 billion downloads, the mobile market is growing bigger and faster than the PC.

As we mentioned last week, developing engaging and well-rounded mobile apps is hard. Developers really need better tools to help them simplify and automate a lot of the back-end components such as messaging, API integration, email, single sign-on, social network integration, synchronization, on-line data storage and more. That’s why Joyent is excited to announce our partnership with StackMob to provide a cloud-based development and deployment platform for mobile applications, all running on Joyent’s public cloud.

StackMob’s service is currently in private beta, but all Joyent customers are invited past the velvet rope –- just sign up for the beta program and your account will be provisioned in a few days.

We can’t wait to see the apps and games you create. And keep an eye on Joyeur because we're planning a competition for the top apps hosted on Joyent or StackMob. We're thinking shiny new iPad 2s might make testing your app a little more enjoyable.


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