Take Joyent For a Spin with a Free Trial

February 13, 2013 - by rachelbalik

They say the best things in life are free, and we couldn’t agree more. We also think our cloud is just as awesome as free stuff like air, sunshine and unconditional love. And that gave us an idea.

Starting today, the Joyent cloud officially ranks among “the best things in life.” Anyone can sign up for a free evaluation and trial that includes $125 of usage, which is equivalent to 60 days on a 1GB SmartMachine.

“But I already have a cloud,” you say. “Why should I spend my time trying out yours?”

The Joyent cloud is #1 in performance and reliability. So if you like the idea of 99.99% uptime, tremendous cost savings, scalability and better solutions for big data, now’s the time to explore the possibilities by signing up for the free trial.

Still not quite convinced? Check out the video below to find out why Joyent is better than your current cloud, or learn how Joyent stacks up against Amazon’s cloud.

Or, if you prefer talking to a real live human being, there’s still some time before robots take over the Earth to chat with a Joyent specialist. Either way, much like breathing, our free 60-day trial isn’t something you want to delay. We hope to spin you up soon!


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