Xeround’s Cloud Database Paid Plans Now Available on Joyent

October 31, 2012 - by Avigail Ofer, AVP Marketing at Xeround

This is a guest blog post written by Avigail Ofer, AVP Marketing at Xeround - a Joyent partner which provides a zero-management, highly-available and scalable Cloud Database for MySQL applications.


Xeround Cloud Database is the only relational database-as-a-service offered on Joyent Cloud.

Xeround seamlessly replaces your existing MySQL DB and lets you scale automatically and maintain high availability - all in a simple, zero management database service.

Rather than having to manually install, configure, monitor and manage your database to ensure it is running smoothly, you can now create a new DB instance instantly and guarantee availability and scalability with just one click. Xeround’s service comes in 3 editions – a free tier and two paid plans. We’ve recently launched our FREE plan on Joyent, and we’re happy to announce that Xeround’s paid editions - Xeround BASIC and Xeround PRO - are now available to Joyent customers as well.

Xeround PRO includes Xeround’s unique auto-scaling capabilities, along with automatic failover, scheduled backups, SSL and API support, and additional features- making it the most robust solution for managing MySQL in the cloud today.

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You can create your free DB instance, and in addition enjoy a 30-day free trial of any of Xeround’s paid plans.

Xeround Cloud Database is 100% MySQL compatible, so no code changes are required to your app – simply connect it to your cloud database, and you’re done.

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