NodeStack Webinar: Security Stack, Part 2

OCTOBER 10, 2013 10AM-11:30AM PDT

Security is a topic that many NodeStack followers have asked us to cover in our monthly web events. In order to give this topic the attention it deserves we have decided to devote the next two NodeStack events exclusively to Node.js security.

Our guests for these sessions will include Isaac Schlueter, Daniel Shaw and Adam Baldwin. Each of our guests brings a unique expertise and experience around the topic of Node.js security.

In Part 2, we will have Daniel and Adam walk us through Node.js Architectures and the Node.js Security Project in depth. Both have given full presentations on these topics to user groups and meet-ups so we want to bring these presentations to a broader audience.

Event Video


Isaac Schlueter, Joyent

isaac-largeIsaac learned JavaScript in the Dark City R’lyeh, where he battled Deep Ones and bent the dark lords of M’sie and the flaming foxes to his bidding. He has risen to the task of leading the Node project in its quest for total world domination, as foretold by whispering worshipful voices in dark corners of every society since time immemorial. Also he likes coffee, and riding bikes.
Daniel Shaw, The Node Firm

daniel-largeDaniel is CEO & Co-founder of The Node Firm and VP of Engineering at ClassDojo. He is host of the NodeUp podcast, the creator and organizer of International NodeBots Day and the NodeBots SF meetup. Daniel is passionate about helping developers, startups and businesses be successful with Node.js and exploring and pushing the limits of Node.js at scale.
Adam Baldwin, The Node Firm

adam-largeAdam is the Lift Security team lead where he advised the likes of GitHub, 37signals, and AT&T on web application and API security. He is also CSO at &yet, the organizer of the Node Security Project and security subject matter expert with The Node Firm.


Welcome/IntrosJim Farrel - Joyent
Open Discussion on SecurityIsaac Schlueter - Joyent
Daniel Shaw - The Node Firm
Adam Baldwin - The Node Firm

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