Securely back-up data, file and configurations on Joyent Cloud.

Joyent Cloud provides a set of tools and services to reduce the burden implementing your back-up and recovery strategy.

For many use cases, open source backup solutions are adequate. These opens source approaches offer the advantage to configure a backup server at a very low cost.

For Joyent customers with existing backup systems or broader enterprise requirements, Joyent Cloud customer can mount any one of these systems via NFS storage mounts.

In addition, Joyent appliance solutions for Mongo and Percona come pre-configured with “hot-backup” capabilities.

Use Cases

  • Part of disaster recovery and security strategy
  • Implementing backup processes for data, files and configurations
  • Saving custom image, code and configurations


  • Open source storage solutions are free
  • Commercial enterprise back-up solutions are sold separately
  • Machines used for storage are maintained by Joyent support
  • Volume discounts for larger back-up machines

Getting Started

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