Big Data

Convert data into actionable insight

The Joyent Cloud is the ideal platform for applications requiring Big Data storage and processing.

Joyent Cloud was designed from the ground up to deliver the best application performance and the most rapid scalability of any cloud. Joyent’s Big Data processes run at ‘bare metal’ speeds, while enjoying the control, elasticity, and flexibility gained from cloud computing.

Joyent supports a full range of Big Data technologies and databases, including high-performance traditional RDBMS’s such as MySQL and Percona, in addition to distributed, non-relational or ‘NoSQL’ data stores including MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak, and Hadoop.

Hadoop can be deployed to both Linux and SmartOS clusters. To get started on SmartOS, Joyent provides a tarball you can download that will save you time setting up your configuration.

Use Cases

  • High-performance-compute projects
  • Distributed analytics projects
  • Map reduce processes


  • No extra cost to run Hadoop on Joyent Cloud
  • No extra cost to run high-performance databases on Joyent Cloud

Getting Started 

To get started with Big Data, users have two options:

  1. Deploy a standard Linux or SmartOS image of their choice, and directly install and configure the database
  2. Use pre-configured database appliances, such as Riak, MongoDB, and Percona, that are made specifically for the Joyent Cloud and accessible through the Joyent Portal.

Joyent Cloud Images

For help with your Big Data project:


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