Getting Started with Joyent

Create a Joyent Compute Service Account

Here's a quick walk-though of how to open an account on the Joyent cloud:

  1. Create an account. Provide your name, company, email, and create a user name and password.
  2. Provide your phone number and then enter your confirmation code on your mobile phone to complete the phone verification security process.
  3. After this, you'll be asked to complete your billing information.
  4. Then you can either immediately add an SSH key for your account or skip until you want to provision. This is a very important step of our security policy.
    SSH Guide: Windows | Mac OS X, Linux to immediately add your SSH key.
  5. Once the SSH key is linked to your account, you'll be ready to provision a new instance.

About Billing and Verification

A valid and current credit card is required to open an account on the Joyent cloud. We will only start charging you once you provision or add new instances.

Generating an SSH Key

For detailed steps choose your operating system:

Provisioning a New instance

From the Joyent cloud dashboard, click

in the upper right portion of the screen. Once you’re here, the tool will walk you through the choice of datacenters, instance images, types and sizes.

Which Data Center should I choose? Consider the business requirements of the customer, eg. where do you anticipate most of your traffic is coming from, load requirements regionally, etc.

You can pick different operating systems, or instances that have been pre-configured with specific databases or tools like a load balancer or even equipped with cool development languages like Node.js.


You’ll have a chance to review the hourly and monthly cost of the instance, and once you’ve decided on the type of instance that fits your project, name your instance and click the

button and the system will confirm that your instance has started.

From the Joyent Cloud portal you’ll be able to:

  • Administer your account
  • Review information about each instance
  • Provision
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Resize
  • Reboot
  • Assign tags
  • Run performance analytics

Want more detail? Check out the Joyent Cloud Docs Visit the Dev Center for a list of additional next step Guides.


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