Image Management

Create, build, snapshot and replicate images on Joyent Cloud.

Creating or cloning an image from a saved image is a very handy process to run if you have already saved an image of a server, with security set-up, applications and users installed. It can save you time by taking a snapshot of the existing server in order to create a replica. On Joyent Cloud you can create and replicate your machine images in order to scale or expand your application environment. The process does require executing a few scripts, but they’re relatively simple to execute. To help you create and manage system configurations, Joyent also provides a list of cookbooks that can be implemented with Chef (OpsCode).

Image Management

Use Cases

  • Scaling customer application environments
  • Improving productivity by replicating builds or images of existing machines
  • Part of disaster recovery process and strategy


  • No cost to replicate images – part of services offering on Joyent Cloud
  • Chef script are free – large volume of scripts available
  • Pay as you scale and replicate machines

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