Production Practices

As part of our stewardship of Node.js®, this resource is dedicated to sharing tools and techniques we use at Joyent to operate Node.js in production. From coding styles and design considerations through debugging large distributed systems, we intend to document our Node.js development and production practices.

Node.js is a fundamental design choice for all of our cloud products, including our Compute Service, SmartDataCenter™, the software that powers our cloud, and Joyent Manta, our object store with integrated compute. Check them out for yourself.

We’ve broken down the articles and links into three categories: Design, Deploy, and Debug.  We’ll be adding to these articles so follow us on Twitter @joyent or join our email list.

Node.js Videos

Debugging Node.js Applications in Production

Live demo of Node.js Project Lead, TJ Fontine, debugging a Node.js application in production using an array of tools including DTrace.

Node.js on the Road: Node.js at Capital One Labs

Our mission in Capital One Labs is to reimagine the way our 60+ million customers interact with their money, and Node.js helps us do that.

Node.js on the Road: Q&A

Question and answer session from Node.js on the Road, Washington, D.C.

Node.js on the Road: Leveraging Node.js

In 2011, Fluencia chose Node.js to power the internet's best and most popular resources for English/Spanish reference, translation, and language learning.

Node.js on the Road: Node at Mapbox

How the team at Mapbox got an early start in node.js and how we use it in production today.

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