Performance Monitoring

Analyze. Identify Issues. Increase Application Performance.

Joyent Cloud delivers a complete end-to-end performance monitoring and application monitoring solution to help you maximize application performance.

By using the native analytical capabilities of Cloud Analytics in combination with best-in-class web application monitoring capabilities of New Relic, customers have complete transparency and visibility over their infrastructure and application layers on Joyent Cloud.

With the New Relic application performance monitoring solution for Joyent Cloud, customers can receive real-time insight of:

  • Page load times
  • Time in request queue
  • Page rendering time
  • Apdex score

Integration between Joyent Cloud and New Relic is pre-built and special price discounts for New Relic are available to Joyent customers.

Use Cases

  • Web application monitoring
  • Part of your full stack monitoring strategy with Cloud Analytics
  • Part of your operational management strategy for Joyent Cloud


  • Discounts to New Relic are available for Joyent Cloud customers
  • New Relic is licensed separately from your Joyent Cloud subscriptions

Getting Started

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