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Certified Ubuntu on Joyent Cloud
As Joyent customers deploy their mission-critical and essential applications to the Joyent Cloud the importance of having a certified version of Ubuntu that is consistent and fully backed by Canonical.

Node.js Support
Joyent provides expert support services for Node.js to help enterprises adopt this powerful application and API stack. These support services are available in two options: Node.js Core Support and Joyent Cloud Node.js Support. As the corporate steward of Node.js, Joyent can provide the highest level of support for this dynamic runtime.

Manta Storage Service - Big Compute for Big Data
Joyent Manta Storage Service is a highly scalable, distributed object storage service with integrated compute. Developers can store and process any amount of data at any time where a simple web API call replaces the need for spinning up instances.

SmartOS Datasheet
Joyent SmartOS provides a combination of hardware and operating system (OS) virtualization to support efficient, reliable and high performing cloud computing.

Joyent Compute Service Data Sheet
Develop, launch and scale high-quality, resilient applications on the Joyent® Compute Service. Some of the world's most demanding eCommerce, media, gaming, and mobile application companies use Joyent infrastructure to acquire, engage and delight their customers.


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