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Running Aground: Debugging Docker in Production
In this talk, Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Joyent, describes the debugging techniques Joyent has employed across a multitude of customers.

Couchbase Containers with Bare Metal Performance
Containerization, spurred on by Docker’s rise, is swiftly establishing itself as the future of computing.

Virtualizing the Docker Remote API with Triton
See how Triton simplifies container deployments in production and gives you the ability to seamlessly scale.

Fireside Chat with Bryan and Jérôme
Docker’s Jérôme Petazzoni and Joyent’s Bryan Cantrill take questions from the audience on the challenges of networking containers, composition and scheduling, container sizing, and resource isolation.

Orchestration for the Rest of Us
We will define orchestration, scheduling, and others, in layman's terms, and we will even tickle the demo gods by deploying small clusters and showing what it's like to use a scheduler to run applications there.

Online Meetup: The Future of Containers in Production
Bryan Cantrill, Joyent CTO and container expert, hosted an online meetup examining the hype surrounding containers, answering questions from the audience across all facets of the technology.

Node Summit: Industrial-Grade Node.js
Node.js is being increasingly used in business-critical production environments – perhaps more so than any other dynamically interpreted language.

Node Summit: v0.12 and Beyond
TJ Fontaine and Reid Burke discuss the recent release of v0.12 and what the roadmap holds for the future of Node.js.

Node Summit: Architecting Production
Hear these technical leaders discuss how they architect applications that meet business requirements, organizational structures, and deployment strategies to maximize the benefits of Node.js in their business.

Node Summit: Node at MasterCard Today
Learn how MasterCard is adopting Node.js as a key component of their technical strategy for efficient and rapid development.

Node Summit: Node.js and Containers: Dispatches from the Frontier
In this talk, we will describe our experiences using Node.js containers to build distributed systems.

Node Summit: Security – from Server to Ecosystem
This panel will examine security related challenges including: bringing open source technologies into Enterprise environments, working with JavaScript on the server at its lowest levels, and managing a rapidly expanding community of modules.

Node Summit: The Future of Node.js
A Node Summit highlight: watch inaugural members of the Node.js Foundation discuss the future of the runtime and lessons learned from other successful open source projects.

Docker and the Future of Containers in Production
A brief history of computing, the rise of containers, and a demo of Joyent's soon to be released functionality leveraging Docker + SmartOS + LX-branded zones + SmartDataCenter.

Node.js on the Road: Node at CAA
Creative Artists Agency (CAA) now uses Node.js for all their line of business application development, and they deploy all their applications in the public cloud.


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