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Node Summit: Travis Glines - Shopaboo
Ready for more? Twelve more NodeJam companies take the main stage to present. Make sure you are submitting your votes as things move along, only a handful of NodeJam presenters are left after this group.

Node Summit: Xavier Damman - Storify
The last five NodeJam presenters take to the stage. If these companies don’t inspire the entrepreneur in you….. well, don’t worry, they will.

Webinar: Cloud Performance Counts: ReelSurfer, the Viral Video Site
Join us as we explore deep design and architectural aspects of an end-to-end video solution from ReelSurfer.

Building Nodestack on a Smart Machine
This covers how to get started on Joyent cloud running: MongoDB, Node.js, and JMeter. The application was written by a third party, and they set up the application so that each component runs in its own Smart Machine. Those unfamiliar with Nodestack can learn more here. Basically, Node does processing, MongoDB is a database engine, and SmartOS provides the operating system and development environment. A Smart Machine is an OS virtualized zone on SmartOS. Find a high level description of Smart Machines here. And see for a description of SmartOS.

Webinar: Big Data on mobile, learn about how Moonshadow Mobile offers visual technology on Joyent Cloud
Everyone has heard how political campaigns use social media to win votes, but what about using Big Data? Moonshadow Mobile offers cutting-edge technology that allows political supporters to run mapping and geospatial visualization technology on desktop platforms and smartphones. The technology is ideal for anyone working with a database that’s 500,000 elements or larger. Dealing with this kind of data could potentially require quite a bit of memory. Moonshadow Mobile has developed proprietary software that runs on Joyent.

Meetup: NodeFly Application Performance Monitoring
Learn about NodeFly application performance monitoring with Jacob Groundwater, a Platform Engineer at NodeFly.

Meetup: Observing Node.js Systems in Production
Learn about observing Node.js systems in production with Dave Pacheco, a Software Engineer at Joyent.

Webinar: DIY vs aaS: Understanding the As-a-Service Model and How to Integrate into Your Operations
Developers and SysAdmins are constantly looking for ways to improve their application performance, scale and overall operation. Tools such as Platform-as-a-Service, Database-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service can help by providing a focused level of service between the application and the cloud infrastructure.

Meetup - Benefits of Running Linux and-or SmartOS in a Cloud
Watch our meetup where we highlight the commonalities of SmartOS and Linux.

NKO2012: Isaac Schlueter - Presentation
Watch Isaac Schlueter talk about Node.js and answer questions at Node.js Knockout HQ 2012 at Joyent. (Disclaimer - Only second half of the presentation was recorded)

NKO2012: Q&A with the Founders
Watch a Q&A session with the founders of Node.js Knockout, Visnu Pitiyanuvath & Gerad Suyderhoud at Node.js Knockout HQ 2012 at Joyent.

NKO2012: Node.js Knockout SF 2012 Highlights
Check out this highlight reel of the NKO 2012 Headquarters at Joyent, here in San Francisco.

NKO2012: copypastel Demo
Team copypastel demo at Node.js Knockout HQ 2012 at Joyent.

NKO2012: Fighting Mongeese Demo
Team Fighting Mongeese demo at Node.js Knockout HQ 2012 at Joyent.

NKO2012: hack_n_slash Demo
Team hack_n_slash demo at Node.js Knockout HQ 2012 at Joyent.


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