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Node.js on the Road: Nate Fitch
Node.js on the Road talk by Nate Fitch, Software Engineer at Joyent

Node Summit: NPR Interview
Interview by Eric Braun with Irakli Nadareishvili, NPR.

Node Summit: NodeTalk - Monolithic Systems Engineering with Node.js
Enterprise software teams are starting to understand and embrace the power of Node.js.

Node Summit: Groupon Interview
Interview by Eric Braun with Sri Viswanath and Sean McCullough, Groupon.

Node Summit: Joyent Workshop - Lessons from Scaling Node.js
Engineer-to-engineer, let’s talk about developing, deploying, and debugging large-scale distributed systems at Joyent, Walmart, and Voxer.

Node Summit: Node.js Security
Yep, this probably matters too.

Node Summit: NodeTalk - Release the Kraken - A Story of Node.js in the Enterprise
A case study in how PayPal revitalized its tech stack by moving from Java, JSP and proprietary solutions to a Node.js web application stack with dust.js templating.

Node.js on the Road: Dav Glass
Dav Glass, Node.js Architect at Yahoo, talks about Yahoo's use of Node.js.

Node.js at PayPal
Jeff Harrell talks about PayPal's use of node.js for their web applications and how it's spreading throughout the company.

Node.js on the Road: Q&A
Question and answer session for Node.js on the Road from San Francisco, 2/27/2014.

Node Summit: Reflections on Three Years of Node.js in Production
In this talk, we will describe our Node.js odyssey, including the challenges, the battle scars and the victories — and how our experiences have informed our stewardship of Node.js.

Node Summit: LinkedIn Interview
Interview with Kiran Prasad, Linkedin.

Node Summit: Notes from the Battlefield
Get ready for a great talk by @eranhammer and awesome slides by @ChrisMCarrasco

Node Summit: Node.js in the Digital Media Universe
Learn why some of the biggest players in the Digital Media landscape are rapidly adopting Node.js in their development environments.

Node Summit: NodeTalk - Riding the N(ode) Train
Driving Groupon’s business to the next level is the move from Ruby on Rails to Node.js.


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