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Walmart Node.js Memory Leak Part II
TJ Fontaine, Node.js Core Contributor, Joyent

Walmart Node.js Memory Leak Part III
TJ Fontaine, Node.js Core Contributor, Joyent

Node.js at Walmart: Introduction
Eran Hammer, Sr. Architect, Walmart

Node.js at Walmart: Going to production, debugging, monitoring
Wyatt Preul, Sr. Software Engineer, Walmart

Node.js at Walmart: Plugins as the center of team collaboration
Ben Acker, Sr. Engineer, Walmart

Node.js at Walmart: Front End Tool Chain
Kevin Decker, Mobile Web Architect, Walmart

NodeConfEU 2013 - A Real Database Rethink
This talk introduces the new and vibrant ecosystem of Node Databases, inspired by LevelDB.

NodeConfEU 2013 - Foundations of debugging Node.js
Debugging is an essential activity when programming. Daniel Shaw, AKA dshaw, explores the basic techniques used for debugging Node.js applications.

NodeConfEU 2013 - 20 Hapi Minutes
Ben Acker, Walmart

NodeConfEU 2013 - A Modular Database
Dominic Tarr

NodeConfEU 2013 - Clash of the Titans: Releasing the Kraken
How do you take a large titan like PayPal and move it from a culture of a long shelf life to a culture of rapid experimentation?

NodeConfEU 2013 - Example Debugging Session Using DTrace and mdb
In this short video, Max Bruning of Joyent demonstrates using DTrace and MDB on SmartOS to solve a memory leak in a Node.js application.

NodeConfEU 2013 - Level me up, Scotty!
With all the innovation happening in the node.js database land, and thanks to npm, we can create a simple, realtime and persistent browser chat application in just a few lines of code, without using any frameworks.

NodeConfEU 2013 - MQTT and Node.js
In this talk, we discuss what problems it solves, why the IoT need such a protocol, and the Node.js implementations!

NodeConfEU 2013 - Node and Libuv and Strongloop
Bert Belder


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