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NodeConfEU 2013 - Node and Libuv and Strongloop
Bert Belder

NodeConfEU 2013 - Node-isassemble Johnny-Five
Emily Rose

NodeConfEU 2013 - Node.js error handling
Jake Verbaten

NodeConfEU 2013 - On the way to a Node powered CNC
Elijah Insua

NodeConfEU 2013 - Progressive Enhancement

NodeConfEU 2013 - The problem with Authority
Paolo Fragomeni

NodeConfEU 2013 - Working with Binary + Multidimensional data (in js)
Max Ogden

NodeConfEU 2013 - Yahoo Cocktails
Dav Glass gives you and inside look at Yahoo Cocktails, their internal Node.js stack that they use in production today.

NodeConfEU 2013 - You did what? Understanding Node Optimizations
Here we dive into and explain a few of Node.js' internal performance enhancements, and how they can affect the user.

NKO2013: Andellip Demo
Team Andellip demo at Node.js Knockout HQ 2013 at Joyent.

NKO2013: Dave Pacheco Presentation
Dave Pacheco speaks at Node.js Knockout 2013 in San Francisco.

NKO2013: Kickoff
Daniel Shaw kicks off Node.js Knockout HQ 2013 at Joyent.

NKO2013: Mad Science Demo
Team Mad Science demo at Node.js Knockout HQ 2013 at Joyent.

NKO2013: Node.js Knockout SF 2013 Highlights
Check out this highlight reel of the NKO 2013 Headquarters at Joyent, here in San Francisco.

NKO2013: Team Presentations
Node.js Knockout 2013 Team Presentations


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