Scaling and Automation

Scale, Monitor and Direct Resources in Joyent Cloud

Joyent is proud to work with EnStratus for cloud monitoring and governance on Joyent Cloud. With this solution customers have the ability to monitor server environments between Joyent Cloud and private, on-premise resources. With the EnStratus Cloud Management System for Joyent Cloud, customers can:

  • Provision cloud resources through a single user ID
  • Monitor Joyent Cloud resources, whether they are public, private or combinations of the two
  • Enforce consistent governance policies for action taken against your applications
  • Automate provisioning, scaling, back-up and disaster recovery processes on Joyent Cloud

Scaling and Automation Solutions with Joyent Cloud

Scale and Automation

Use Cases

  • Financial and operation control over your Joyent Cloud environment
  • Part of your back-up and disaster recovery strategy process
  • Part of your scaling and resource management process


  • Free trial of Enstratus is available for Joyent Cloud customers
  • EnStratus is licensed separately from your JPC subscriptions

Getting Started

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