Securing Joyent Cloud


End-to-end security on Joyent Cloud

Joyent Cloud provides you a complete set of tools, technologies and services to create a secure, resilient and private application environment for your enterprise. The architecture of Joyent Cloud offer inherent advantages, through the use of container-based virtualization technology. In addition, the availability of Cloud Analytics creates the industry's only solution to examine behavior across your entire application stack. To supplement these capabilities, Joyent also provides many services and functions to reinforce your security strategy. These include:

Use Cases

  • Implementing role based access controls
  • Implementing Firewalls
  • Implementing network security measures
  • Part of your scaling and resource management process


  • All security services and technologies available as part of Joyent Public Cloud subscription
  • Customer-specific implementation services and dedicated hardware options are available

For help with securing your Joyent instances:


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