Node.js on the Road: Contributions, Community and Node.js - excerpt

Hear TJ Fontaine, the Node.js Project Lead, highlight what the Node.js on the Road series is all about, how you can provide guiding feedback on the project roadmap, contribute to more than just code, and how to get involved with the community.

TJ Fontaine Node.js Project Lead, Joyent

The point of the roadshow is to come out and solicit feedback from you guys to inform the roadmap. Left to my own devices, I would just fix what I want to fix and add features that I want to add. But I need your input to be able to understand what it is that you guys want to see Node—7how you want Node to go forward, what is working for you, and what is not working for you, and that's the biggest benefit from coming out here and doing these events. So you can contribute to Node and its ecosystem through issues on GitHub, or coming through the website, and adding contributions to the website, or fixing bugs and submitting pull requests through the source side of things.

On the website, we're working on revamping the website. We recently did a branding re-launch of, and we're working on making that a living, breathing site that you guys can coalesce around, and get the information that you need to be successful in Node. So we have our API documentation at the moment, which for some is sufficient to be successful in Node, but can go considerably further. And we need your help to make that API documentation better, but what we also need your help for is tutorials. We need to know about your stories of how you came to Node, how you got started, why you picked Node, and how you became successful with Node. And contributing those stories back to the community is the way that others can be successful by following your lead and following your advice. And so, it's this community that makes Node powerful and makes Node successful, and we are here to facilitate all of you guys to continue to make that the reality. And you need to participate in the communities that you are passionate about, if that is StackOverflow, if that is IRC, if that's the Mailing List, if it's Meetups like this, if it's Conferences, if you are an employee of a company you can ask your employer to let you work on Node, some of the time go out and file issues. Maybe there is a feature that you would like to implement for your company, work on adding that into Node and getting it out there, but the most important part is, wherever you find yourself passionate and interested in, please make sure you are preaching that, and going out there and participating, and showing that you want to participate in the community.

Joyent does a great job with Node because we are basically, Node is an open source project that gets to go and live and breathe on its own, and the proposition is that, they provide resources such that I have a job and we are actually hiring, actively hiring other people to want to work on Node core with me. So if you are interested in working on Node Core and would like to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area, please apply for that position. But there are other companies out there who are looking to hire to shore up how they are using Node and how all of that works. But, it is really a conversation about deputizing the community to participate and make the community that they want to see, and that has been the great part about this, and about the ecosystem of about how all this is working, and that works from hobbyists, to start-ups, to full-blown enterprise corporations.


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