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A Resilient Architecture

Everyone's components can fail, but in Joyent's architecture, a failing component only affects the infrastructure that is directly dependent upon that component. For example, if a disk fails, ZFS automatically begins resilvering—with minimal disruption and no downtime to the compute node. If an entire compute node fails, only the virtual machines provisioned on that node fail; other nodes are unaffected. And in the unlikely event of broader failure the affected components stop, but the failure doesn't spread.

  1. Zones isolate each application environment
  2. ZFS manages a storage pool of virtualized physical drives, if a physical drive fails ZFS automatically replicates without disruption to the compute node
  3. Thousands of zones can be created on one kernel
  4. Zones virtualize the hardware resources

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What Our Architecture Offers


Cloud uptime you can bet your business on.

Gain Visibility

Rethink operations with new levels of transparency, security and control.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate excess server inventory, stop over-provisioning.

Better Performance

When milliseconds matter, use the optimized cloud-native stack.

Best for Node.js®

As corporate steward of Node.js, Joyent offers the only debugging and performance tools for Node.js apps in production.

Scales Faster

Setup, start, and configure machines within seconds to meet increasing demands.