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Node.js on the Road



Node.js on the Road: Craig Spaeth and Brennan Moore

Node.js on the Road talk by Craig Spaeth and Brennan Moore from Web Engineering at Artsy

Node.js on the Road: Roberto Masiero

Node.js on the Road talk by Roberto Masiero, SVP, ADP Innovation Labs.

Node.js on the Road: Scott Rahner

Node.js on the Road talk by Scott Rahner, IT Manager, Dow Jones.

Node.js on the Road: Contributions, Community and Node.js - excerpt

Hear TJ Fontaine, the Node.js Project Lead, highlight what the Node.js on the Road series is all about.

Node.js on the Road: Q&A

Question and Answer session from Node.js on the Road, NYC.



TJ Fontaine @tjfontaine
Node.js Project Lead, Joyent

Craig Spaeth @craigspaeth & Brennan Moore @zamiang
Artsy Web Engineering

Roberto Masiero
SVP, ADP Innovation Labs

Scott Rahner @scott2449
IT Manager, Dow Jones


Networking, appetizers and beverages provided

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The Node.js Project Steward:

Node.js Production Expertise + High-Performance Infrastructure

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