Joyent SmartDataCenter™

Build, run and scale high-performing private clouds. Joyent SmartDataCenter™ is a complete cloud management solution for server and network virtualization, operations management and customer self-service. It provides leading scaling, file system, analytics and resource management capabilities, that enable organizations to run highly resilient, secure and cost efficient private, or hybrid clouds.


  • Cloud operations center
  • Customer self-service center
  • Infrastructure analytics and performance metrics
  • CPU calibration
  • Enterprise-grade file system
  • APIs for billing and reporting system integration
  • Leverages the innovative SmartOS operating system
  • Options to run Linux or Window operating systems
  • Security model based on Zones (ZFS)
  • Native virtual network capabilities


  • Better cloud operations and resource management
  • Intuitive self-service for developers or end-customers
  • Better long-term investment
  • More secure architecture
  • Better transparency for root analysis of cloud performance
  • Open and standards based method of integration

Real-World Cloud Management

Backed exceptional customer support and innovation from the industry’s most respected architects and engineers, Joyent SmartDataCenter™ is ideal for:

  • Creating massively scalable and modern private clouds
  • Running exceptionally cost effective cloud service businesses
  • Orchestrating distributed data centers or entire global cloud networks

Why Joyent?

High Performance

Joyent SmartDataCenter™ is virtualization and cloud systems software that is optimized for multi-tenancy and high performance.

High Availability

Create a high availability cloud that is fast, resilient and flexes to meet the development needs of your internal or external customers.

Resource Efficient

Leverage innovative OS-level virtualization to remove layers of abstraction and dramatically increase capacity and throughput per physical server allowing you to get more out of your current cloud investment.

Less Energy Consumption

Higher compute, storage and network utilization per CPU core and physical server, increases the productivity of your data center, which reduces physical space, and power demand.

Greater Control

RESTful API hooks that allow you to configure a management console for all critical parameters from server management to telemetry to virtual OS layer to application layer for customers.

Full Visibility

Anticipate and avert problems before they happen with the industry’s only real-time latency analysis and self-service performance capabilities.

Operational Dexterity

Exercise a new level of operational dexterity by leveraging a single infrastructure, a common code base, for public cloud, private cloud or hybrid environments. This frees you to use the deployment method that is most appropriate for your workload.

Customer Success

See how GoInstant makes interactive cobrowsing with Joyent Technology.

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