Joyent's Complete Cloud Software Stack

SmartDataCenter 7 is a complete private cloud management platform enabling organizations to quickly and safely deploy production grade elastic cloud infrastructure. Refreshingly easy to install and operate, SmartDataCenter 7 is proven at scale under the most strenuous conditions making it the top choice for today’s modern enterprise.

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Simplified Path to the Cloud

  • Easy to Deploy: Create a complete production implementation in a matter of hours.
  • Easy to Upgrade: Upgrade components without disrupting service.
  • Easy to Scale: Start small, and scale by the node or by the rack with one-click expansion
  • Easy To Operate: Cloud operations center for capacity management, access/authorization controls, and user level monitoring.
  • Easy on Developers: Service oriented infrastructure gives your developers the services they require without slowing them down.

Improved Cloud Economics

  • Full functionality in a single license
  • High performance container based architecture increases capacity per server
  • Distributed design eliminates costly shared storage
  • Runs on commodity server hardware
  • Compatible with all common networking hardware

Security First

  • Container based virtualization for secure tenant isolation
  • Strong SSH key management via SmartLogin
  • Authorization and authentication controls based on user role and identity
  • Built-in firewall capabilities at network protocol layer
  • Network isolation preventing ip spoofing and traffic snooping

Why Joyent?

100% Continuity for Hybrid Deployments

Enjoy a common code base for public cloud, private cloud or hybrid environments. Move from one to the other without having to change your software automation.

One Throat to Choke. Superior Troubleshooting

Joyent is the creator and maintainers of all core components. No finger pointing. No excuses.

ROI Efficient

OS-level virtualization removes layers of abstraction and dramatically increases compute capacity and throughput per physical server

Lean and Green

Higher compute, storage and network utilization per physical server, increases the productivity of your data center, reducing power demand.

Full Visibility

Anticipate and avert problems before they happen with real-time latency analysis and self-service performance capabilities.


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