SmartDataCenter™ Features

Joyent® SmartDataCenter™ reduces the complexity and cost of delivering high-performance computing services to enterprise users or external customers. Private cloud operators and service provider can run clouds with confidence using features that are proven. Build, run and optimize private cloud environments and processes with Joyent SmartDataCenter.

Operator Portal

Access functions for provisioning machine, configuring images, performance or health monitoring, and load reporting all in a real-time dashboard.

Customer Self-service Portal

Serve internal teams or external customers with a self-service features for machine provisioning, administration and reporting.

Cloud Analytics

Analyze the health of your entire cloud system at every level of the stack. Real-time telemetry of CPU, memory, and network utilization.

Operating System Support

Flexibility to run SmartOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Linux or Windows operating systems.

Resource Virtualization and Auto-scaling

Deploy, scale and allocate computing resources using operating system level virtualization. I/O performance management caps and shares to govern density.

Enterprise grade file system

Copy-on-write file system enabled by ZFS for data protection and recovery.

Image Configuration

Adjust VM types. VLANs can be assigned to tenants and users by cloud operators.

Software Defined Networking

Secure networking with full VNIC control powered by Crossbow. Ability to support public and private IP addresses and dedicated VLANs.


Local storage through the ZFS capability in SmartOS. NFS storage for unstructured data storage. Support of database compatibility: CouchDB, Hadoop, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgrSQL and Riak. Support for database services from MongoLab.

Reporting and Billing

Usage information exportable to a user-interface or third party reporting tools. Consumption and usage information can be used to support subscription or utility, pre-paid or post-paid, and specified time period billing processes.


Zones that provide steel-wall security to prevent other tenants from accessing or impacting your VM. Support for VLAN, ability to host firewalls, built-in IP spoofing protection, local storage and SSL certificates.

Access Control and Permissions

Separation between cloud administrator and cloud user roles. Pre-configured integration with LDAP.

Customizable via APIs

Joyent SmartDataCenter services accessible through CLI and REST APIs. Operators can create their own customized UIs.