Joyent Compute Service

Build reliable and resilient applications on the high-performance Joyent public cloud infrastructure. Our service powers the fastest-growing and most innovative mobile, social, media & entertainment, and e-commerce companies. Experience it for yourself.

Joyent Container Service Architecture

Easily create Docker Hosts running on a Canonical certified Ubuntu image.

Pick from a broad set of instance families and sizes to run your Docker Host.

Manage Docker images and containers from a single pane of glass - the Joyent Dashboard.

Leverage integrated usage and performance analytics for deployed Docker containers.

Store Docker containers logs persistently to drive log analytics and satisfy audit requirements.

Leverage Docker Hub (public and private), plus locally hosted and 3rd party Docker registries.

Operate your Dockers Hosts through the Joyent Service dashboard or using the standard Docker CLI.

All communication between the Docker Hosts and the Joyent Docker Service is encrypted and secured.

Modern Cloud Architecture

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