Node.js Core Support Terms

  1. Scope of Support
    1. Joyent agrees to provide technical support services for Customer’s use of the Node.js software runtime and is subject to Joyent's Terms of Service.
    2. Joyent’s support for Node.js is limited to Node.js core which is specified as follows (“Node.js Core”):
      1. The APIs listed on the reference page:
      2. The interactions between Node.js and its dependent libraries (including but not limited to: zlib, openssl, v8, cares, NPM) as exercised via those APIs.
      3. Libuv to the extent that a previously described API utilizes libuv and exposes an error.
    3. Joyent support for Node.js Core includes error correction for Node.js. Errors must be validated by Joyent to be errors in Node.js Core.
    4. Joyent agrees to provide commercially reasonable efforts to support the Customer; however, Joyent makes no guarantees or warranties with respect to the delivery of the Support Services.
  2. Customer Requirements
    1. Node.js: The Node.js binaries used by the Customer must be obtained directly from and Support Services may only be obtained on the current stable release (starting with v0.10.23.).
    2. Only binaries for Linux (64-bit) and SunOS (32-bit or 64-bit) operating systems (including SmartOS, Illumos, OmniOS) are currently supported, provided the binary successfully runs on that operating system version.
    3. Core files: Customer environments need to be configured to produce core files upon panic. (Linux systems do not run this by default, and would need to run ‘ulimit –c unlimited’ to produce the core file prior to running the binary).
    4. When requesting support from Joyent:
      1. Support cases should be submitted to Joyent using our help system available at The appropriate Severity Level should be assigned to the ticket upon submission and will be validated by Joyent.
      2. When submitting a support case to Joyent, the following information should be provided whenever possible:
        • Relevant core file(s) in the event of a critical failure.
        • Specification of the exact Node.js binary that was used
        • List of modules used from package.json
        • Explanation of the how the node binary was run
        • Relevant command line arguments
        • Documentation of any supervisory process that may be spawning the process.
        • Although not required, Joyent highly suggests that relevant core files and related documentation are uploaded to the Joyent Manta service.
    5. In order to sufficiently provide support services to the Customer, Joyent may require access to the relevant Customer code but only upon Customer’s approval to Joyent for direct system access.
  3. Exclusions and Limitations
    1. Support Services for Node.js Core does not include support for components of Node.js outside of Node.js Core. The following are specifically excluded:
      1. The NPM command line utility and its operations and NPM installed modules
      2. Errors in external dependencies
      3. Any module loaded by user that is not built in (as defined by what is in the API documentation)
      4. User defined modules
    2. In receiving Support Services for Node.js Core, Customer agrees not to resell our Support Services in any way, and/or use the knowledge obtained through these Support Services to offer a commercial service to third-parties.
    3. Node.js Core support is for internal use only. The entire scope of Support Services is limited to technical support and error correction. Joyent is under no obligation to provide, and specifically excludes, direct assistance with Customer’s application code, including software application development and/or staff augmentation services.

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