Enterprise-Ready Node.js: For Application Development, Deployment and Operations

Joyent is the corporate steward of Node.js, the world’s best runtime for today's data-intensive, real-time applications. Joyent offers exclusive debugging and performance analysis tools for Node.js applications.

Deploy Fast, Improve Performance and Simplify Debugging on Joyent Cloud.

  • Performance tuning. Node.js application using SmartOS gain the benefit of deeper
    introspection and analytics to help you isolate performance improvements fast
  • Preconfigured packages. Joyent Node.js appliances are pre-loaded with versions of Node.js and full SSH access to install additional packages as necessary.
  • Unrestricted web sockets. Includes an open pipe to the Internet with Port 80 access, unrestricted Web sockets, and a unique IP address for each appliance.

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