SmartOS: The World's Most Advanced OS

Container-based SmartOS unites four extraordinary technologies in a production-grade OS container to revolutionize the datacenter:

ZFS + DTrace + Zones + KVM

These technologies are combined into a single high-performance operating system and hypervisor, providing an arbitrarily-observable, highly multi-tenant environment built on a reliable, enterprise-grade storage stack.

Joyent SmartOS provides a combination of hardware and operating system (OS) virtualization to support efficient, reliable and high performing cloud computing.

  • Scale. An ultra-lean hypervisor that produces frictionless scale and fast provisioning.
  • Trust. The ZFS file system guarantees data integrity and prevent silent data corruption.
  • Secure. OS virtualization with highly secure zones, and KVM for legacy apps.
  • Reliable. Run from a live image. Impossible to fail upgrades when you can rollback to an earlier image.
  • Resilient. Service Management Facility (SMF) recovers faster from system failures. Fair share scheduling, CPU caps, and disk I/O throttling ensures better performance across the Joyent cloud.
  • Visibility. DTrace, lets you see everything that's happening throughout the software stack - safely, in real time, in production.

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