Videos : Node Summit

Node Summit: NPR Interview

Interview by Eric Braun with Irakli Nadareishvili, NPR.

Node Summit: NodeTalk - Monolithic Systems Engineering with Node.js

Enterprise software teams are starting to understand and embrace the power of Node.js.

Node Summit: Groupon Interview

Interview by Eric Braun with Sri Viswanath and Sean McCullough, Groupon.

Node Summit: Joyent Workshop - Lessons from Scaling Node.js

Engineer-to-engineer, let’s talk about developing, deploying, and debugging large-scale distributed systems at Joyent, Walmart, and Voxer.

Node Summit: Node.js Security

Yep, this probably matters too.

Node Summit: NodeTalk - Release the Kraken - A Story of Node.js in the Enterprise

A case study in how PayPal revitalized its tech stack by moving from Java, JSP and proprietary solutions to a Node.js web application stack with dust.js templating.

Node Summit: Reflections on Three Years of Node.js in Production

In this talk, we will describe our Node.js odyssey, including the challenges, the battle scars and the victories — and how our experiences have informed our stewardship of Node.js.

Node Summit: LinkedIn Interview

Interview with Kiran Prasad, Linkedin.

Node Summit: Notes from the Battlefield

Get ready for a great talk by @eranhammer and awesome slides by @ChrisMCarrasco

Node Summit: Node.js in the Digital Media Universe

Learn why some of the biggest players in the Digital Media landscape are rapidly adopting Node.js in their development environments.