Videos : Node Summit

Node Summit: NodeTalk - Riding the N(ode) Train

Driving Groupon’s business to the next level is the move from Ruby on Rails to Node.js.

Node Summit: Big Data and Node.js

We couldn’t resist putting “Big Data” and “Node.js” in the same title (it’s SEO gold!). Apparently a bunch of people can’t resist actually leveraging one to make the other a reality.

Node Summit: Open Source Citizenship in Node.js

The Node.js community has grown significantly since Node Summit 2012. Hear from some of the people who help make the community a critical part of the success of Node.js.

Node Summit: Node.js in the Enterprise

Hear a wide range of experts discuss how and why Enterprises are opening up to Node.js.

Node Summit: Why Large Scale Mobile and Ecommerce Apps Use Node.js

Hear from people managing some of the largest mobile and ecommerce applications talk about why Node plays an important role in their development efforts.

Node Summit: Building a Major Hypermedia Content API with Node.js

Sourcing content from a variety of publishers, packaging it in value-added ways and distributing to a large number of destination platforms is one of the most important challenges for online media.

Node Summit: Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks - Jason Hoffman, Joyent

Node Summit: NodeJam Introduction: Naval Ravikant - AngelList

The first eleven NodeJam participants take the stage. Each company will have five minutes to pitch their business and talk about the importance of Node.js as a part of their offering.

Node Summit: NodeJam Part One and Two - Judges Panel

NodeJam – Judges Panel Venture Investors and Technology Experts discuss the morning NodeJam companies.

Node Summit: NodeJam Part Three and Four - Judges Panel

NodeJam – Judges Panel Venture Investors and Technology Experts Discuss the afternoon NodeJam Companies.


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