Videos : Node Summit

Node Summit: PaaS Services and Tools

This panel will feature some of the leading providers of services and tools for companies developing and deploying in the cloud. The panel will talk about the use of Node.js within their offerings as well as the trends in use across their customer bases, and will highlight the efforts being made to provide additional support for Node. Moderated by VentureBeat reporter Jolie O’Dell, speakers include Ruben Daniels, CEO of Cloud9 IDE; Max Schireson, President of 10gen/MongoDB; John Sheehan, Product Manager, Developer Experience at Twilio.

Node Summit: Platform as a Service

Hear from some of the leading and emerging PaaS providers about their views on the importance of Node now and in the future, and their efforts to support Node.js. Moderated by VP of Product Strategy at enStratus James Urquhart, speakers include Derek Collison, CTO and Chief Architect, Cloud Application Platforms at VMware; Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP of Microsoft; Charlie Robbins, CEO of Nodejitsu; and Oren Teich, COO of Heroku.

Node Summit: Playing for Real – Gaming with Node.js

Hear leading edge gaming companies discuss how Node.js, as a real-time technology has become central to their game app, platform and engine development strategies.

Node Summit: The Evolution of Javascript

Hear about the evolution of Javascript from a panel of experts who have taken it from an idea to where it stands today, and learn what is on the horizon for the little scripting language that became one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

Node Summit: The Future of Cloud Networking

Networking is seeing a dramatic change from a cost center to a profit center. New applications, real time latency, cloud computing scale, network wide virtualization and the rise of storage are changing the future of data centers. Jayshree Ullal will discuss some of the trends and technologies that are causing this revival.

Node Summit: The Importance of Cross Platform

How a multi-company effort enabled the abstraction of Node.js across platforms, and why this is key for the future of Node. Moderated by Principal Analyst and Co-Founder of RedMonk Stephen O’Grady, speakers include Ryan Dahl, Software Engineer at Joyent; Paul Querna, Architect at Rackspace; and Gianugo Rabellino, Senior Director of Open Source Communities at Microsoft.

Node Summit: The Internet of Things

The Internet of things has become a reality. We ship more compute and storage capacity per year in “devices” than traditional PCs, and it feels like we have to get offline on purpose rather than online. This marks a sea change for the types of applications that need to be developed and the types of platforms that can emerge. Featuring Intel Senior Fellow, CTO and GM Steve Pawlowski.

Node Summit: Walmart: Save Money, Use Node.js

James Watters, Group Manager Ecosystem Development at Cloud Foundry, talks with Walmart Vice President of Mobile Architecture Dion Almaer and Vice President of Mobile Engineering Ben Galbraith. Watch as they discuss Walmart’s mobile strategy and how they are leveraging Node.js at the largest retailer in the world.

Node Summit: Where Node.js Goes from Here

Ryan Dahl and Isaac Schlueter discuss what’s next for Node.js with Mikeal Rogers.

Node Summit: Adam Zeck - Grow the Game Golf

Ready for more? Twelve more NodeJam companies take the main stage to present. Make sure you are submitting your votes as things move along, only a handful of NodeJam presenters are left after this group.


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