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Project Manager (Korean Speaking)

San Francisco, CA, US

A Project Manager within the Manta group will report directly to the Product Owner and will be responsible for managing a diverse set of projects and responsibilities. They will bring a creative mindset to the job of managing projects and change their management approach to fit the goals of the product group and the customers. A project manager has two primary missions. First, they need to be able to represent future work, work in progress and accomplished work such that managers and customers alike can the forward progress of the organization. Second, they need to bring rigor and order to the many tasks in which the organization is involved. The rigor aspect is best judged in terms of the quality of the work produced against a set of acceptance criteria (or definition of “done”). Often times we have found that all tasks are checked off but the end results fall short of the expectations of the end user. The Project Manager will act as the gatekeeper to ensure the acceptance criteria are articulated upfront, well defined and are being adhered to. When there are gaps in expectations between different stakeholders, we’d want them to be flagged when the tasks/deliverables are defined, not when they are considered done. Ultimately, the goal of a Project Manager is to be of service to the product group by facilitating the efficient exchange of information between people.

Emotional Intelligence

A candidate for this role will possess the powers of concentration necessary to focus during meetings on not just the content being said but on the nonverbal signals of participants. If the participants words do not match their emotions then the project manager should make note of it. Additionally, project managers should be likeable people who feel comfortable talking to a wide variety of people and willing to adapt to the norms of other cultures.

Responsibility and Clarity of Thought

In teams that span geographies and cultures, there tends to be a diffusion of responsibility effect where individuals allow other people to take responsibility so that they do not have to. This happens without many people noticing it. Concretely, you can have meetings where no one has complete understanding of what was discussed because everyone thinks that it is someone else’s job. It is the Project Manager’s responsibility that we come to precise clarity on all of the expectations - stated or unstated involved in the tasks being discussed. This will require an uncommon level of perseverance and stubbornness.

Clear Understanding and Tracking of Work

Project Managers need to be able to answer the following questions without hesitation at any given time.

  1. What is it that we do next?
  2. What is being done now and by whom?
  3. What has just completed?
  4. What happens to the schedule if we change what is being done?

Additionally, a Project Manager should be able to articulate when a given task is estimated for completion in the future even if it has one to three dependent tasks. A Project Manager will be proficient at using software systems to track projects.

Understanding of Project Management Techniques

A Project Manager in this role should be able to explain the differences between Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum and other popular techniques. Additionally, they should be able to explain how the approaches fit different needs and why you may want to take one approach over another. Project Managers should have a depth of thought about their trade. Ideally, they should be able to articulate why the project management structure is different for a orchestra, hospital or a software company.

Willingness to Learn from the Organization Before Imposing Structure

A fair number of the engineers in the organization have been traumatized by Agile coaches and scrum masters in the past. Those traumatized will all concede that they have nothing against the Agile Manifesto, but rather against process that is unilaterally imposed on an organization without sensitivity to the needs of the organization. With that in mind, Project Managers will initially be expected to start by studying the current way of working of the organization before proposing new process.

Creative Implementation of Process

A Project Manager will be encouraged to create new processes that may not be found anywhere else. Any new process will be judged by its ability to serve customer needs and facilitate the flow of information between groups.

Creation of Visual Management Artifacts

Due to the cross-cultural nature of the projects in the Manta product group, visual management techniques are highly encouraged. Even though many of the people you will work with are strong second language speakers of English, it can be exhausting for them to have to work through walls of text. As much as possible, the current state of work should be visualized pictorially in way that anyone can understand it at a glance.

Experience and Skills

A project manager will ideally have the following experience and skills:

  • 2 years experience as a project manager
  • 2 years experience with a technical role (software developer, etc)
  • Functional fluency in both English and Korean
  • Good written communication skills in English and Korean
  • Awareness of Korean and North American cultural differences

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To apply, please submit a brief introduction, a copy of your resume, and a link to your Github or LinkedIn profile to with Project Manager in the subject. Qualified applicants with criminal histories will be considered for the position in a manner consistent with the Fair Chance Ordinance.

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